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CV5: The Quest Continues

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WELL NOW, that was all a bit of a coaster of the roller variety, wasn’t it? Allow me to just take un moment to offer my apologies to those of you were unable to take part in CV5: A Theatre Quest on Saturday night. In an epic climax rivalling that of Cyberpunk 2077 (note to Jasmin: Google that for me), we were suffering difficulties of a most technical nature.

However, I am pleased to report that our Beta testers (I am, of course, the single Alpha) have been hard at work, and we are now ready to PLAY ONCE MORE!

Therefore, to ensure that as many adventurers as possible can undertake my quest, we will be:


  • Offering multiple time slots throughout the next week for you and your team to sign up to.

  • Adding extra playable dates (including additional weekend slots) to make sure you have as much flexibility as possible (I’m nothing if not flexible).

  • Reopening ticket sales, for those who didn’t make the original ticket cut-off. Of course, priority will be given to pre-existing ticket holders.


So there you have it: choose your slot and FIND MY FORTUNE. We’re sorry once more, now let’s kiss and make up.

But not really, PUT YOUR MASK BACK ON.

Muchos love,


Dr. Beauregard LaHunty

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