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We’re sorry you haven’t heard from us in a while. We’ve got some sad news to share…


It is with heavy hearts that after almost 7 years of making theatre, the time has come for us to close the company. The last few years have been exceptionally tough for everyone in theatre. The inevitable cancellations and losses of both funding and opportunities have led us to a place where this is unfortunately the most sensible option. Our shows and artists deserve all the future success in the world, and we know they should be in the hands of producers who can support them.


We are so thankful to you all for being part of our family. To have made theatre with such a talented group of friends has been a wonderful ride, so much fun, and something we’ll always be very proud of. 


However, it’s not all sad news! We’ll be having a Car Boot Extravaganza! on SUNDAY 17 JULY, with a chance for you to peruse all the weird and wonderful stuff we’ve collected over the years, including our show merch - you never what you might find!

With lots of love, 

Jack, Jasmin, Tom, and Dan x 

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