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Merry Merchmas

"It was that time of year again. The morning was crisp, and very still. He rose up out of his mossy nest, brushing off the dead leaves of last year that had tangled in his thick winter fur, and shuffled towards the gaping entrance of his warren, snuffling as he went. Blearily, he rubbed his little eyes in the bright winter sunlight, pawing away the months of slumber. He could feel the seasonal festivities in his bones already. It certainly would be a holly jolly Christmas this year."

- Michael Bublé, The Biography (not really)



It’s no secret that it’s been a difficult year for theatre. It’s been a difficult year for everyone, but thankfully not everyone’s jobs involve wearing spandex in packed rooms and yelling in people’s faces in an attempt to convince them to give you the minimum wage. It’s been difficult, so we're here to bring you some holiday cheer and tell you all about Colla Voce’s brand new merchandise shop!

There’s a couple of reasons why we’re so excited about our merch. If all goes well in 2021, we’ll have our show, You And I, up and running again. To help us get there, why not grab a tote bag, or t-shirt? There’s even going to be badges and show posters, so there’s no excuse not to buy all of your loved ones You And I or Buried themed memorabilia. If you’re feeling really generous, there’s even an option to make our holiday season the most special one yet, and donate some funds to help us get back on stage. These proceeds will help us pay our performers, publish our work, and record our soundtrack, so that all you lovely people can listen to it on repeat until 2022.

The other reason we’re so excited about this merchandise is we know exactly where it came from – our totes are fair trade, organic and printed in our home town of Sheffield, our t-shirts are made from organic cotton in a Fair Wear Foundation approved workplace, from an employer that pays a living wage. If that isn’t enough to get you in the holiday spirit, we’ve been preparing a little musical number revealing all our goodies, so make sure to check out our Instagram and brand new TikTok account to find out what other treats we have in store…

Finally, we’d like to say a huge thanks to Emily Chooi, our amazingly patient and hard-working designer who has been endlessly helpful, by making our merchandise look so wonderful. Thank you so much, and as per usual, you’re the best.

So help us show theatre some love this Christmas, help keep the wolves from the door, and help us get back to doing what we love – playing some amazing music and trying to make you giggle while we do it. 

Happy Holidays!


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