Colla Voce is turning 5 (though we don’t look a day over two and a half!), and to celebrate this wonderful occasion we have partnered up with our most critically acclaimed associate artist, Dr. Beauregard LaHunty, and created a brand new, interactive show! 


Now we’re not entirely sure what he has in store for us, but if there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that Beau LaHunty can be trusted to make truly unforgettable theatre. From what his lawyers have agreed to let him share with us, it appears it will be part-video game, part-treasure-hunt, part-walk-down-memory-lane. Prepare to encounter a cavalcade of curious characters from previous Colla Voce shows and take on an epic quest, with only a wildly unhinged drama teacher as your guide. Take part in a variety of challenges as you explore a virtual world where anything could happen - and usually does. So what are you waiting for?


A Note From Beau:


Hail, adventurer! Before embarking upon this most auspicious journey, there are a few things you will need in preparation. I’ve compiled a cheat-sheet (ooh, naughty!) to ensure preparedness for my big day!


You’ll need:

  • A desktop/laptop with a mic and camera.

  • A web browser (Chrome or Firefox recommended).

  • A camera to record challenges.

  • WhatsApp to communicate with your guide.

  • I strongly recommend using headphones on your computer to help prevent feedback in the gaming mode.

  • A sense of adventure!


More info:

  • PRICE: £12 per team.

  • TEAMS:  I recommend up to 4 players in a team - and now, thanks to the magic of technology, you can team up from different corners of the globe. Solo adventurer? Fret not, you can still go it alone - more treasure for you!

  • ON THE NIGHT: You will receive a (magical) personalised url which will transport you and your party of adventurers into the start of my quest. Depending on your play speed, there will be about 2.5 hours of content.

  • ACCESSIBILITY: Closed captioning will be available on the embedded videos.

  • QUESTIONS: Contact my assistant, Jasmin, on with your query!



Dr Beauregard LaHunty

CV5: A Theatre Quest

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