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Untitled Karam Musical

It’s a tale as old as time itself: full-time HR professional/part-time attention-addict gets super drunk in his best friend’s kitchen and applies to write and star in a one-man-show. There, at that intersection of charming country kitchen and drunken stupor, two questions immediately struck: what could this undoubted future masterpiece be about, and just what exactly is the difference between the various compartments of the Aga? 

Aga tutorial completed (yet another feather in Colla Voce royalty Cordelia O’Driscoll’s cap), it was time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Cue Merlot-fuelled application writing, and “Untitled Karam Musical” was born. The pitch, which was essentially “Karam walks on stage and is funny”, was miraculously picked up by Colla Voce – which was a dream after having worked with them back in the early days, hosting their Cabaret and Miscast nights. You’re welcome. 

The perceptive amongst you will note the “musical” in that working title (perceptive, literate – tomato, tomato). As with most creative processes, or any process involving me, the main pattern tends to be “aim big, then let the cruel sting of reality harrowingly whittle down your possibilities until you arrive at something within your capabilities”. This was no different. After the realisation that knowing about 3-and-a-half chords on the Ukulele will only get you so far (2 songs, to be exact), and after much procrastination - and some more procrastination - “Untitled Karam Comedy: with a couple of songs” was finally…ready to be written - after a smidge more procrastination. 


Taking up the reigns of director was Colla Voce’s very own Tom Williams; whose expansive know-how and immeasurable talent was invaluable during all those hours in my bedroom – rehearsing. Tom completely transformed what was essentially a 60-minute lecture into a living, breathing, interactive show, and most importantly is responsible for the kick-ass title: Table for One.

The show is a mixture of stand-up, storytelling and music – yep, those two songs made the cut – which centres around the twisted world of modern romance and dating. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “yeah, real original Karam – a show about romance and dating. What’s next, a book about a murder that needs to be solved, like some sort of mystery? THE INNOVATION NEVER STOPS.” Well slow your motor, because this show is about my dating journey and trust me, it’s pretty darn adorable, embarrassing, but above all hilarious. 

After some great London previews in May at the Drayton Arms Theatre that went down an absolute storm, Edinburgh is well and truly calling. Table for One has the privilege of being presented at Delhi Belly at Cowgate from 1st – 15th August at 21:50. So don’t be bashful, and get your tickets! 



Karam x

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