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You And I Auditions

Colla Voce Theatre are incredibly excited to announce auditions for our brand new, actor-musician, comedy musical, ‘You And I, by the writers of ‘Buried’, premiering at the Edinburgh Fringe this August with Underbelly.


What do you do when the world’s first super intelligent robot turns up at your door asking about the origins of the universe, karaoke and the meaning of porn? Fran is about to find out.  With a soulful folk score from the writers of hit musical ‘Buried’, this touching new musical comedy explores love, loss, and what it really means to be human.


Please send us a self-tape (on your phone is fine!) introducing yourself, along with: 

1. A one minute section from a song in a folk/jazz/singer-songwriter style

2. If you play an instrument, you can either play a separate one minute piece or accompany yourself on the song. We want to see your personality, so pick something that you enjoy playing!

3. A Spotlight link or CV if you have one. 

Please send your tapes to



If successfully invited to a callback, they will be held in two locations:


Saturday, 4th May. 10.30am.



Sunday, 5th May. 12pm. 

If you cannot make these dates, there may be a possibility for remote auditioning. If called back, please let us know if this applies to you. 


You will be paid £600 + accommodation + travel + breakfast & dinner. 


15th July - 26th August


Usual Fringe standards:

Shared bedrooms, including some airbeds. 

Communal cooking.

Cast and crew will be expected to help with get ins/outs, and flyering whilst in Edinburgh.




Fran works in the IT department of the world’s most boring company, and is overlooked and ignored by just about everybody. Fran is anxious and nervous in social situations, but at heart is kind, funny, intelligent and musically gifted. She has reached rock bottom, she just doesn’t know how to move out of it. Then a Robot turns up at her door…

Ideally a confident guitar player with some piano ability. Any other instruments welcome.

The Robot

The robot is a clumsy, unassuming mechanical body that houses something amazing - a superintelligent piece of software that happens to be the world’s first general A.I. Through their hilariously sincere attempts to participate in normal life and their new friendship with Fran, they begin to learn about being human, and what a mess it can be.

Ideally has some piano ability but not essential. Any other instruments welcome.



As the newest member of the IT department (and Fran’s new neighbour), Ian embodies everything that Fran feels she has lost; he is confident, caring and content, whilst being one of the few people that recognises and actively encourages Fran’s musical talent.

Ideally a versatile, creative musician who is confident learning by ear. Any instruments welcome.


Chorus of 2

The chorus will be multi-rolling throughout, inhabiting characters across different genders and dramatic tones, so will need to be versatile with strong comic timing. Roles to be shared between the two actors include Fran’s fantasy-fiction and bureaucracy loving colleagues Tammy and Tilda, Fran’s sister Alice and various Karaoke enthusiasts, amongst many others.


Ideally versatile, creative musicians who are confident learning by ear. Any instruments welcome and any experience with sampling/programming beneficial.

Any questions, email

We can't wait to hear from you,

Team CV x


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