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You And I Postponement

It’s been a hard few weeks for everyone, and it doesn’t look like it’s letting up any time soon. Work has been cancelled, opportunities have fallen through, and to top it all off, we’ve been separated from those we love and worry about the most. I’ve been in isolation for weeks, and I still haven’t written a masterpiece or achieved the ‘six pack in 22 days’ (it might have something to do with drinking, I’ll look into it).

But there will be good things to come from this. We are finally starting to appreciate the people who really keep society running. We are finding new ways to come together, whether it’s streaming theatre or workshops into our living rooms, or doing more zoom-based quizzes than we thought humanly possible. We’ve discovered that many of us can work from home, whilst the environment starts to heal itself in front of our eyes. 

And after years of division, we really are starting to see some solidarity. It’s been humbling to see the resourceful and creative ways in which theatre folk are supporting each other, and the generosity of those who are donating money to keep artists afloat during a time when most of us are panicking about our own situation, let alone someone else’s. 

Colla Voce, like many theatre companies around the country, has felt the effects of the virus through lost time, money and opportunities. But what I have seen emerge in its place is a caring and connected family, that listens, supports, distracts, and never stops thinking of ways to help each other pull through. As for our show, You And I will return soon, and it will be better than ever. We’ve been working hard with the support of our lovely venues to re-programme, and are pleased to announce we will return to The Lowry and The Other Palace:

The Lowry: 27/28th May 2021
The Other Palace: 1st - 19th June 2021
, tickets here.

When we all come out the other side of this together, we’ll appreciate solidarity and time together like never before. I for one will personally never take it for granted to be sitting in a theatre again.

- Tom

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